Traffic Signal Bench Technician Level II

Traffic Signal Bench Technician Level II
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Traffic Signals Level 2, Bench

The Traffic Signal Bench Level II Certification indicates the holder has a well-rounded background in traffic signal technology from coursework and experience.  The Level II Bench certification indicates the technician has additional training on traffic signal control cabinet equipment.  This training includes the programming, application, and maintenance of controllers, conflict monitors, vehicle and pedestrian detection systems, and the communication and power wiring of the cabinet. The technician is also trained in electronic circuit operation and fault diagnosis, and the use of test equipment for diagnosis and certification of control cabinet equipment.  The certification holder is prepared to make a substantial contribution in the signal maintenance operation of either a private firm or a public agency by preparing signal cabinets for deployment and/or troubleshooting and repairing cabinet components that are brought in from the field.

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IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Certification or equivalent as approved by the IMSA Education & Certification Manager. 
IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level I Certification
Two (2) years experience in the Traffic Signal Field


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