Traffic Signals Level 3, Field

Traffic Siganls Level 3, Field


The 100-question exam associated with the certification has been prepared to test the candidate on a wide range of topics relating to field expertise and general knowledge of the applied traffic signal technologies in the field.

The following list contains reference materials that the potential IMSA Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III must be familiar with:

  •  NEMA Standards (TS1 and TS2)
  • 170/2070 Standards
  • Various Traffic Detection Methods (Acoustic, Microwave, Radar, Loops, etc.) Setup and Configuration Manuals
  • Video Detection Manufacturers Setup Manuals
  • Lightening Protection Devices
  • FHWA and ITE Vehicle Detection Manuals
  • Data Communications Methods (Copper, Fiber Optic, Wireless, etc.)
  • U.S. M.U.T.C.D. – 2009 Version
  • Signal Head Types (Incandescent, L.E.D., Programmable, etc.) specifications and installation methods
  • IMSA Wire and Cable Specifications
  • ITE – Traffic Engineering Manual current edition
  • ITE – Traffic Control Devices Handbook current edition
  • Traffic Signal Preemption Devices – Various Manufacturers Operation and Setup Manuals
  • Understanding of Basic Electronics and Electrical
  • National Electrical Code and/or Canadian Electrical Code

2018 Certification Program



Course Date:

  • April 16, 2018

Five Years Experience in Traffic Signal Field
IMSA Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II Certification
Certification Requirements:
Pass the IMSA Traffic Signal Level III Field exam