Fibre Optics for ITS Level 1

Fiber Optics for ITS, Traffic, Fire Alarm, and Communication Systems Technician Level I

This seminar is tailored for those who design, install, and / or maintain traffic, fire alarm, communications, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for city, county, and state transportation departments.

The seminar provides understanding of how fiber optics and fiber optic technology is integrated for these systems. This seminar will provide two days of classroom training on the physical layer; fiber optic theory, fiber types, cables, splicing, terminations, fiber management products, installation, testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

A 100-question IMSA certification exam will be given at the end of the second seminar day. 

2018 Certification Program



Course Date:

  • April 9-11, 2018
Prerequisites: None