MTO 170 Controller

MTO 170/332 Certification - Operation and Maintenance Course

This two day course will cover the following: Step-by-step hands on inputting of data into a 170 controller (timer) and discussion on routine hardware maintenance; Overview of 332 Cabinet hardware and peripheral equipment including switch pack (load switch), detector attributes/operation, flasher, various relays, 212E conflict monitor, 332 cabinet modes of operation, system troubleshooting and brief description of an UPS System; Discussion on overall routine system maintenance; Discussion on record keeping and field safety procedures.

At the end of day two, there will be an exam comprising of 100 questions. All exam questions are covered in the course handout.

 2018 Certification School



Course Date:

  • April 10-12, 2018

Work Zone Safety
IMSA Level II TS Field
Two Years field experience
Willingness to learn new ideas and concepts